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------ Music flies through the air.
A wireless environment suitable for broadband, including Wi-Fi, and providing a convenient way to listen to music. This is no longer just for the PC and Internet world. Wireless capability now allows for a conventional audio listening environment and will soon be the convention. Various net-oriented music services are now provided by audio makers and there are also many music download services.
One of the new ways of enjoying the ECLIPSE TD307PA, is to couple it with a wireless LAN product from Apple.

Music server solution

Have you already discovered AirMac Express (AirTunes) released by Apple? It is a type of a wireless router station.

Wireless LAN usually exchanges data on a network by an electric wave, but AirMac Express is a special music radio device which can produce sound output by catching the music signal which has been sent using a Mac(iTunes) device as the sender and with a loud speaker or an audio system at the receiver end.

Music accumulated in iTunes is normally reproduced by loudspeakers or headphones connected to Mac or Windows PC and with a digital audio player such as iPod. However, AirMac Express is a more advanced product which enables remote wireless music reproduction.

Music files transmitted through air from Mac iTunes is connected to the main body of AirMac Express which can located in your living room through an AirMac Card on a real time basis. AirMac Express receives them and outputs the sound from iTunes through a mini-stereo phone out and optical digital out.

The best partner for the TD307PA

This combination with AirMac Express is a great way to enjoy the TD307PA. The TD307PA has been sold in the Apple store for more than a year. And plenty of Windows PC users now recognize it as a speaker for iPod, don't they?

Its superior reproduction quality and design makes it acceptable to lifestyle shops and, as a single audio product, the TD307PA is an attractive solution in collaboration with Apple products.

If you are already an iPod user and using iTunes as server, enjoy music from iTunes flying from room to room.

In the case of the TD307PA, design integrity and its white colour is perfect. Just plug in the AirMac Express and connect its mini-stereo phone jack to the input of a TD307PA amplifier.

A new approach to music listening

For home audio, hybrid recorders built with a hard disk drive and CD player are now made by many companies. If you have iTunes, just copy your CD collection to them. Then you can complete a simple, convenient and high-quality wireless music environment by adding the TD307PA. Of course you are free to listen to your music of choice by using the play list function on iTunes.

The connection with Mac and its integrity with iPod is recognized by Apple stores in Japan and the U.K.. Of course it is not just the TD307PA that is a good match for AirMac Express. The TD512, TD508 and all other ECLIPSE TD products are recommended.

Reproduce AirMac Express so as to transmit a high quality music file by using a high quality sound device. The best match for this is the ECLIPSE TD speakers, because they are real hi-fi speakers, and quite unlike conventional PC speakers or iPod speakers. You can even build a complete wireless audio system environment with minimum investment in every room if you choose ECLIPSE TD307PA.

A new music life, getting the maximum from the minimum, thanks to a wireless environment. We will continue to suggest new music reproduction pleasures with wireless LAN systems such as AirMac Express.
"Please refer to the Apple web site which introduces these solutions."
Written by Junichi Kuramochi "L.D.K.OFFICE CORPORATION"
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