The concept: Revealing the true potential of the low frequency sounds

In seeking the optimal performance from a subwoofer it is important to achieve nothing less than total acoustic accuracy. The ECLIPSE TD series is developed around a concept of "accurate waveform reproduction" and this holds true even for subwoofers because any acoustic delay of the lower notes is clearly heard by the listener. By eliminating unnecessary energy sapping vibrations and by achieving an ultra fast operation of the drive-unit TD725sw can now reproduce accurate waveforms at low frequencies; something that is not possible with the traditional "heavyweight" style of subwoofers. The dramatic change in sound quality is heard as a clear refinement of the acoustic surround sound field creating that much sought goal: the ideal listening environment. When combined with the flagship model TD712z the result is a surround sound system with the ultimate in true spatial reproduction.

The R2R Twin Drive-Units for high-speed reproduction

Both high power and true accuracy have become possible through the use of two 25cm drive-units mounted in a horizontal back-to-back arrangement. Both drive-units are connected with an aluminium shaft (patent pending), and use an in-phase driving system which utilises the interaction between the two units to create a virtual infinite ground anchor. This arrangement uniquely provides the total stability and rigidity required for an ideal piston action. In addition the provision of some compliant material allows the drive-unit to float, and in doing so, suppresses the unwanted vibration of the enclosure. This and other original technologies have been used in the TD725sw to create the world's finest example of low-frequency high-speed reproduction.

The advanced functions required for high-end applications

The TD725sw has many advanced functions for high-end applications and a high-power 500W digital amplifier is used to optimise the performance of the two 25cm drive-units by maximizing the available internal cubic capacity of the enclosure whilst also ensuring high linearity, and thus accuracy, even at maximum output levels. A bypass function has been added for the low pass filter (L.P.F.), to avoid any time delay in the delivery of the low frequencies and a wide choice of input / output connections gives flexibility for a variety of system variations, such as 5.1ch surround sound and 2.1ch, whilst the use of XLR input terminals allows compatibility with professional quality AV processors.


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