A new level of quality for compact speakers



The new age small speaker
Eclipse TD speakers bring the technology used by sound engineers and musical artists to the small speaker. Sound theory, award winning design, technical know-how, carefully chosen material and a precision attention to detail go into achieving a highest sound quality - at an affordable price.

The small speaker with no compromise
Although it is classed as a small speaker system, the TD307II's construction and technology is as superior as our larger models. The new driver unit has been developed to achieve better impulse response and a wider frequency range, vibration resistance has been improved to provide better low-frequency response, and it can be mounted in any direction. You'll experience a speaker that's out of its class.

Design your own sound space The TD307II, available in white, silver and black, suits both stereo use and surround use. The technology-driven egg shape blends with your style, while making a subtle and comfortable design statement.


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Product NameSpeaker
Specifications• Unit: Φ6.5cm Full Range
• Frequency Response: 100Hz-25kHz (-10dB)
• Efficiency/Sensitivity: 80dB/W-m
• Input Resistance (Rating/Max.): 12W/24W
• Impedance: 8Ω
Maximum DimensionsW130 x H195 x D176 (mm)
AccessoriesUnit Guard x 1,security wire for fall prevention x 1


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