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Michel Brecker Michel Brecker (U.S.A)
Jazz Saxophonist 
"ECLIPSE TD512s provide all the attributes I look for in speakers: sensitivity; a great middle register; articulation; transparency; it's crisp without being harsh and has warmth without muddiness."
Model in use : TD512

Randy Brecker Randy Brecker (U.S.A)
Jazz Trumpeter 
"I liked the warmth and full spectrum quality of the sound. Plus they really look TOO COOL!"
Model in use : TD512

Brian Eno Brian Eno (U.K)
Artist, Musician, Composer and Grammy Award winning Producer 
"ECLIPSE TD speakers are very accurate in getting close to the real sound image and the actual positioning of each instrument."
Model in use : TD512

Stephan Haack Stephan Haack (Germany)
Cellist (Munich Philharmonic Orchestra) 
Model in use : TD512

Klaus Hiemann Klaus Hiemann (Germany)  
Balance Engineer and 2002 Grammy nominated for best opera recording, best choral recording and best orchestral recordings. MIDEM Cannes Classical Award for Lifetime Achievement 
"These speakers are not 'one of the best' nearfield monitors I ever listened to, but probably 'the best'."
Model in use : TD512

Michael Nyman Michael Nyman (U.K) New!
Composer, Pianist 
"The Eclipse speaker system is, quite simply, an acoustic extension of my piano."
Model in use : TD510

Simon Osborne Simon Osborne (U.K)
Grammy Award winning mixer & engineer of Sting’s "Brand New Day" 
"These speakers sound as fantastic as they look. The stereo image is one of the best I have heard."
Model in use : TD512

Simon Rhodes Simon Rhodes (U.K)
Senior Recording Engineer, Abbey Road Studios, London 
"These speakers don't shout at you. They just gently open your ears to a whole new world of appreciation."
Model in use : TD712z

Ashley Slater Ashley Slater (U.K)
Trombonist, Composer, Producer 
"I loved ECLIPSE TD512 speakers, the music floats out absolutely effortlessly. It seems quite weightless, but fully colored. When I had to go back to my boxes, it hurt to hear the sound struggling to get out of them."
Model in use : TD512

John Williams John Williams (U.K)
"The most natural and clear sound I have heard. The best solution for amplifying my guitar without loosing its original quality and delicate tone. I find these speakers ideal for my solo performances."
Model in use : TD512, TD508

Kirsten Cowie Bmus (U.K)
Recording Engineer at Royal Academy of Music 
"Eclipse TD512 and TD508 sound crystal clear and shows up all those little details you want to find while recording as an engineer. The stereo imaging is excellent and I am enjoying such transparent and natural sound."
Model in use : TD512, TD508

Geoff Calver (U.K)
Marketing Director, SADiE 
"Wonderful for demonstrating our technologies."
Model in use : TD512

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood (U.K)
Professor Jonathan Vice-Principal, RAM (+Record Producer, 'Gramophone' Reviewer) 
"ECLIPSE TD don't just provide an instant 'kick' but deepen the sound image through a real scrutiny of the middle register - without loss of definition at either extreme.For monitoring, they are top drawer."
Model in use : TD512

Ben Georgiades (U.K)
Chief Engineer, Sphere Studios 
"ECLIPSE TD speakers are a departure in monitoring terms where fresh thinking is rare."
Model in use : TD512

David Heaton (U.K)
Technical Director, Audio Synthesis Limited 
"Ideal speakers for using as a high resolution instrument during development of our DAX series of converters. Outstandingly transparent in the mid-band region."
Model in use : TD512

Clarence Penn (U.S.A)
Jazz Drummer 
Model in use : TD512

Rick Pope (U.K)
Chief Engineer, Jamiroquai Studios 
"I have been using the Eclipse TD speakers for direct digital signal monitoring while Jamiroquai were rehearsing and they are truly amazing reference speakers. I can hear all the details with precise imaging and, unlike other systems, there is no masking or enhancing effect from the enclosure. They produce a surprisingly punchy, powerful and fast bass as well. It is an ideal speaker for reference."
Model in use : TD512

Mike Ross-Trevor (U.K)
Chief Engineer, Sony Music Studios London 
"ECLIPSE TD Monitor System not only reproduces the natural sound of the musical instruments but is also a fine system for listening for pleasure."
Model in use : TD512

Gary Thomas (U.K)
Chief Engineer, Angel Studios 
"I am impressed with their clarity and honesty."
Model in use : TD512

Michael Zimmerling (U.K)
Recording Engineer, Simply Red, GLAY, BOOWY, B'z etc... 
Model in use : TD512

Royal Academy of Music (U.K)
Model in use : TD512

University of Miami School of Music (U.S.A)
Model in use : TD512

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